What is a faded haircut? | Read BEFORE going to the salon (2023)

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What is a fade haircut? What is the difference between the existing types of fades? What should I tell my hairstylist if I want to fade? Find answers to your questions in this guide.

What is a fade haircut?

What is a faded haircut? | Read BEFORE going to the salon (1)


Faded haircuts have stood the test of time since they became commonplace in the 1940s and 1950s and are not going to lose popularity any time soon.

This type of cut:

  • looks clean
  • It's easy to maintain and style.
  • Offers a lot of versatility

If you're thinking about getting a fade, it's good to know the variations of this cut, which fade is right for you, and what to ask your stylist. Before we get into that, let's look at the history of fading.

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Fairy tale

Two things happened that made fades popular. The first was thatInvention of the electric razorin 1921. Electric hair clippers with interchangeable attachments made it possible to quickly trim hair that gradually became shorter.

The second was Generalassumption fadedby army men. In the '40s and '50s, fades were practical hairstyles for military men.

According to military regulations, soldiers should keep their hair short and neatly combed.Fading allowed them to keep some length at the top while the sides and back stayed shorter.

Gentlemen's Quarterly noted that soldiers in the '40s and '50s returned home with "cropped hair" that looked up.This was an early description of the fading we know today.

Today's modern transitions share many of these characteristics, but there are even more variations and types of transitions to choose from.Such haircuts are no longer associated only with military service.

Anyone can get a fade. It's all a matter of choosing the type that suits you best. Read on to learn why you want a fade, different styles when you get one, and things to consider before heading to the hairdresser.

Why Get a Fading Haircut?

Not sure if a fade is right for you? Chances are you'll look gorgeous with a fade. You just have to start in a flattering spot on your head. Fades are still popular after all these years for various reasons. Here's why you should consider it.

The most versatile haircut

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Whether you need to look professional and elegant or bold and daring, this is a cut with plenty of versatility. Keep the top relatively short for a clean, low-maintenance look. Leave the top part longer to style a bold pompadour or pompadour.

Perfect cut while the hair grows

If you're trying to grow your hair up, a fade is your best bet. This type of cut allows you to leave the top alone and focus on tapering the sides and returning to a shorter length.

Since gradient colors look great with any length of hair on top - short, medium, or long - you know you'll look attractive while you wait a few months for your top to grow to the length you want.

Adapts to all face shapes and hair textures.

What is a faded haircut? | Read BEFORE going to the salon (3)


Fades are one of those rare cuts that flatter every face shape and hair texture. Whether you have a round, square, oval, or heart-shaped face, there is a type of fade that will suit your facial features. Curly, curly, straight, wavy, fine and thick hair are perfect candidates for this haircut.

Meets military readiness standards.

If you are a man serving in the military, your haircut should beless than 4 inches. Also, don't touch your ears, neck, or eyebrows. The fades check each of these boxes as long as the top edge stays the right length. For most, a fade is a better option than shaving your head to meet those standards.

Easy to maintain and style.

What is a faded haircut? | Read BEFORE going to the salon (4)

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Traditional fades are easy to maintain. Trimming is usually required every 4-6 weeks and if you have a trimmer you can keep this cut looking good by doing it yourself. The sides and back are much shorter.

So the only area you need to design is the top.Keeping the top shorter makes this even easier. Men with naturally curly or wavy hair may just need to use a little styling gel, pomade or wax over it.

Degraded haircut styles

There are so many reasons to get this type of tapered haircut. Now let's take a look at some of the different types of fades to consider. The main types are traditional, low, high, gout and skin fading. Here's what you should know about each type.

1. What is a traditional haircut?

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Traditional fades retain quite a bit of length at the top, with the hair at the top typically being 2 to 4 inches long. The sides and back gradually taper to a shorter length, starting in the middle of the head.

It sits a few inches above the lower hairline.Traditional fades work best on oval and round faces as they add a bit of height to the top.

2. What is a low fade haircut?

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The low fade gets its name because the faded (pointy) part of the hair starts lower than in a traditional fade. In a low fade haircut, the hair begins to taper just an inch or two above the lower hairline.

Low fades usually have a much steeper taper and move quickly from short hair to skin because there is less room for hair fading.Low fades look best on oval, oblong, and heart-shaped faces.

Avoid a low fade if you have a square or round face shape. It can add a lot of volume to the sides of the face and make the jaw line appear wider.

3. What is a high fade haircut?

high fadeStart the cone and fade line much higher than a traditional fade. This type of cut thins the hair at the temples or where the head begins to curve.

It is cut progressively shorter down to the lower hairline.The high fade looks best on oval, round, heart-shaped, and square faces. This is a more balanced cut than a low fade, making it suitable for more face shapes.

4. What is a drop fade haircut?

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The down fade is becoming a popular twist on a traditional fade. With a fade, hair tapers into a soft arch or curve that falls back.

The result is a lower top/crown part that leaves some of the longer hair intact as it transitions into the back.The sides are usually faded from the middle of the head, like a traditional fade.

However, you can also achieve a fade with a low or high fade.Fades are suitable for every face shape.Just make sure you choose the right starting point for the fade—low, high, or traditional—to ensure the cut suits your face shape.

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5. What is a skin fade haircut?

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A skin fade can be done in any type of fade – the term just means cutting the hair into the skin at the shortest point. You can get severe skin fading.This means that the hair is longer at the top and then quickly tapers towards the temple line.

A traditional coat fade would start in the middle of the head and taper to coat from very short.A slight skin fade moves from short to skin about an inch or two above the lower hairline.

Remember that the skin has faded, exposing much of the scalp.If your scalp is a much lighter color than the rest of your skin, you may not like the high-contrast look that skin fading gives you.

Skin fading also makes your scalp more prone to sunburn if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Be sure to apply sunscreen to exposed parts of your scalp!

How much does a fade haircut cost?

How much does a fade haircut cost? Basically we think thatAverage price for a men's haircutin the United States it's about $40.

The cost of a haircut varies greatly depending on the city you are in, the salon or hair salon you visit and the skill of the stylist or barber cutting your hair.

If you live in a smaller town or rural area, expect to pay just under $40. You may pay more if you live in a major metropolitan area or visit a highly qualified stylist.

A surefire way to get big for your faded haircut? Visit a salon chain like Great Clips or Sport Clips. Prices in these places are often lower than in other salons.

Sport Clips will set you back about $19 for a varsity cut and $29 for a detailed cut. Clipper designs, a shaved part and any special details you would like in your fade would make it a detailed cut. See morePrices for sports clipsHere.

You'll pay around $15 for a men's haircut at Great Clips. If you need a cut to make your fade look good, you'll pay around $5 here. See moreGreat prices for clipsHere.

What should I tell my barber if I want a fade?

No matter where you decide to get your hair cut, you need to know how to tell the barber or stylist what you want. It can be a little intimidating to ask for the right thing if you're not sure how to use barber terminology. We protect you!

1. Art of Fading

What is a faded haircut? | Read BEFORE going to the salon (10)


First figure out what kind of fade you want. Do you want it to start at the bottom of the head, in the middle, or at the top near the temples? This determines whether you want a low fade, a traditional fade, or a high fade.

If you're not sure which one you want, you can always ask your stylist where to start the fade. Make sure you agree before you start cutting!Now think about what you want the transition to look like.

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Want the top and top sections to dip into the back, leaving a little more hair at a longer length? In that case, ask for a drop fade. You can show your trimmer exactly where you want the fall to end.

Want the fade to shave down to the skin? If you do, tell your stylist that you want a low, high, or traditional fade. Again, it helps to identify and show the stylist exactly where you want the fade to be reduced to the skin.

2. Hair Length

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You also need to tell the barber how long you want your hair on top and how much shorter you want it on the sides and back. Most trimmers use scissors for this cut.

The shear guards determine how far the shear blades are kept from the head to ensure consistent length.These guards are numbered 1 through 12 for their length, ranging from about 1/8 inch (shortest) for guard number 1 to about 1.5 inch (longer) for guard number 12.

Household cutter sets usually come with 1-8 attachments.That's why you sometimes hear about a "Number 3 Cut" or something similar. A number 3 cut is one that uses number 3 protection (⅜”).Most dies use cut protection 1, 2, 3 and 4 to sharpen the sides and spine.

As the skin fades, the trimmer either removes the shaving guard to bring it very close to the skin, or shaves the head where the fading has returned to the skin.You've probably cut your hair with clippers before, or even done it yourself.

Tell the stylist how long you want the hair up and how short you want the fade to be. It's good to give your trimmer any details like "leave long enough to part on one side" or "long enough to push back".

If you could let them know their preferred sizes of cut guards that would be helpful. But you can always tell the trimmer how short you want to cut and let it decide which cut protection to use.

3. Detail Options

What is a faded haircut? | Read BEFORE going to the salon (12)

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You can add a little extra detail to your fade if you like. If you want to shave off any designs, lines or letters, ask your barber first.Some are experts at doing razor cuts and shaved lines or side parts.

But others may not feel comfortable with it. Be clear about the location and layout you want to avoid misunderstandings.Remember that shaved designs will grow out quickly; So if it's something you want to keep for a while, you'll need to update it about every 2 weeks.

So what is a fade haircut?

Now that you know what type of fade you want, how much it costs, and how to ask your barber for the right fade, you're ready to take the next step.

Finding a good barber is always important if you want a great haircut.But it's special for a cut like a fade. These require experience and skill.

And now you're a verifiable subject matter expert. Celebrate your newfound fading knowledge with a date or a trip to the hair salon and get ready to rock this tapered style.



What is considered a fade haircut? ›

A fade haircut is a cutting technique that tapers the hair so it eventually “fades” into the skin. Generally, this involves keeping it longer on top and gradually shaving closer down the sides and back. This hairstyle is also called the “military reg”, as it mimics the traditional cut given to men in the service.

What is a light fade haircut? ›

A fade essentially means a transition of lengths and colour on the back & sides of the hair. This means that the hair is not all buzzed to one length and has some sort of variation of lengths blended in together.

How do you ask for a fade haircut? ›

A common way of asking for a fade is to specify what clipper guard your barber should be using at the end of the fade. So a #1 fade will terminate in hair that's ¼ of an inch. In this case the fade tapers all the way down to the skin and is usually finished with a razor blade by your barber.

What do I tell my hairdresser for a fade? ›

Explain your personal style.

Explain your personality and what aesthetic you want to achieve to give the barber a better idea on what kind of fade you want. Say something like "I work as a lawyer, so I'm looking for a fade that looks professional. Think you can help me out?"

Is a skin fade a 0? ›

Zero Fade Vs Skin Fade: What's The Difference? A zero fade is a taper fade that leaves some remaining hair near the base of the neck, whereas a skin fade is a zero-grade cut that is shorter at the bottom, revealing more of the scalp.

What is a taper vs fade? ›

A fade, like a taper, is all about taking hair from long to short in a stylish way. Unlike a taper, though, a fade can be dramatic, abrupt, and super short. Tapers are all about a natural decrease in length for a more conservative look–a fade can just disappear before it reaches the natural hairline.

What is a light fade called? ›


Sometimes called a “Brooklyn Fade,” “Low Fade,” or “Blow Out,” this type of haircut is a very low bald fade. The hair is cut to the scalp from the temple and dips low in the back. The hair is then quickly, but smoothly tapered (faded) into significant length on top.

What are the two types of fades? ›

While there are quite a few variations of the fade, the most popular styles include the razor fade, skin/bald fade, temple, burst, drop, flat-top and high top fades. Each style provides different possibilities, and gives your hair a look unique to that style.

What is the difference between a fade and a low fade? ›

"High fade has more volume and length while low fade is shorter and requires less maintenance daily," explains Biggs. Another huge difference between a low and a high fade is how much length can be kept on top with each style. Since low fade hair is shorter, it involves more frequent visits to the barber.

What is a high fade vs low fade? ›

Low Fade VS High Fade

The 'low' part refers to how far down the head that transition occurs. A high fade is quite an extreme look, with the blend sitting at the very top of the head. By contrast, a low fade is a much more subtle style, where the fade between lengths comes in an inch or so above the ears.


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