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Nowadays many cool hairstyles are becoming popular among men and that includes the fade haircut and many of its variations. Generally, the fade is done on men with short hair. However, the fade haircut, or "fade," is now becoming even more fashionable among men with medium to long hair.

If you are looking for a master hairstylist who can do the most cutting edge fades, you have to visit themRegal Barber Co.. The shop offers a wide range of services including men's haircuts and if you are a fan of faded haircuts they have the best barbers to cut your hair! Regal Barber Co. It's a local hair salon that's popular in its home state of Utah, and for good reason.

Guide and tips for the best faded haircut

The faded haircut has been a trend for a while. A signature fade haircut is long on top and shorter on the sides. This type of haircut requires top hair styling skills to achieve a clean, flawless finish. To achieve the faded effect, your stylist will use scissors and clippers.

The best fade haircut service is offered at Regal Barber Co. This hairstyle is one of the most requested cuts in the store. Also the fade haircut has many variations.

Still not sure which or what type of fade haircut is right for you? We have collected types of faded haircuts to help you figure out which style will look good on you.

1. The taper fade haircut

The taper fade is a combination of two barbershop techniques: the taper and the fade. Both methods aim to achieve a smooth finish. The difference is that a taper handles the longer length of your hair and uses scissors and scissors. On the other hand, a fade deals with shorter hair and only uses scissors.

This haircut is the most classic and iconic type of fade haircut for men. It is also considered to be one of the most stylish hairstyles. With its versatility, it becomes the basis for various haircuts.

Your stylist will cut the hair from the top of your head to the nape of your neck, gradually shortening it as you go to the sides. This gives you a masculine yet clean look. This hairstyle is ideal for both formal and informal occasions. This cut works best on all hair types.

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2. The crew cut

The military cut is a classic hairstyle for men. It's a clean-cut style where the top of the head is cropped short, the sides are very tight, and everything else is shorter. This hairstyle offers the businessman courage, cool confidence and masculine athleticism. This type of hairstyle is easy to achieve and works well on most head shapes.

The military cut is a timeless staple and will always be the common choice of men. You can style your haircut with styling products such as pomades, gel or wax.

3. The low fade haircut

The low dimming cut has been around for generations. Along with other faded haircuts, the faded haircut is one of the men's hairstyles. In this hairstyle, the hair length is shorter on the back and sides and gradually decreases from top to bottom on the sides and back.

This type of haircut is suitable for men who like to give their hair a light touch. It's also a good choice for diamond, triangle, and oblong heads. Complement the faded cut with a trimmed beard and facial hair for a cool accent.

4. The medium fade haircut

The medium fade haircut is a balance between a low fade haircut and a high fade haircut. A medium fade haircut is very noticeable compared to a low fade, but it doesn't expose the scalp like a high fade does. The cut usually begins above the ears while the sides and back are shaved close enough to the skin. This will accentuate your hair on top.

Like any other fade, the mid fade comes in a variety of looks and styles. This type of haircut is suitable for all ages. The medium fade looks great on men with straight, curly, thick and short hair, especially when accompanied by a long beard. You can use a gel or wax to keep your hair under control.

5. The high fade haircut

The high fade is one of the trendiest types of fade haircuts. In this hairstyle, your hair is cut very short on the sides and back of your head. This gives the top of your hair a fuller, thicker look.

This hairstyle is usually bold and works best on men who are not afraid to show a little skin. This type of haircut is effective for men whose scalp and complexion have a tighter tone.

The high fade cut looks great on men with curly, wavy, coarsely textured hair. It also suits round and square faces.

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6. The bald haircut

This is also known as a skin fade haircut. As the name suggests, this style will cut your hair down to your skin. This means that as the trimmer moves towards your nape, the trimmer cuts your hair deeper.

The bald haircut can be high, medium or low. This haircut is easy to perform and requires little maintenance. This works great on any hairstyle, from straight to curly hair and from short to long hair.

7. The temp fade haircut

This type of haircut is also known as a temple fade. It is a hairstyle limited to the temples. To achieve this look, a line or shaping is done on a man's temples. This type of haircut is popular among men because of the many options and variations it offers.

Traditionally, this haircut is for black men and over time it has crossed different races: Hispanics, Whites and Asians. This hairstyle works on curly hair, straight hair and even short to medium length hair. A well-groomed beard can complement this type of hairstyle.

8. The undercut fade haircut

The undercut is a combination of two men's cuts: the undercut and the fade. In this hairstyle, the sides and back are faded, trimmed or completely shaved while keeping the hair length up.

The length of your hair at the top ranges from medium to long. You can work into the mid-length cut by slicking back, creating an illusion of a mohawk, or working into a pompadour.

Some people have confused the undercut with the high haircut. You can always bring a photo and show it to your groomer for reference and also to avoid confusion.

9. Scissor haircut

If you want to get a textured look, opt for a paper cut. This hairstyle uses scissors instead of scissors. The sides of the hair grow longer while maintaining the tapered fade effect. This type of cut is used by men who want to take up the hair trend in a subtle way. You can use pomade or wax to get that shiny look.

Tips for the best fade haircuts

  • Choose a tapered fade or medium fade for a simple, elegant look.

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  • Even if it sounds easy, don't do it alone. You need the help of a professional barber to achieve the best faded haircut.

  • Opt for a scissor fade if you don't want to look for the shaved sides.

  • Complement a faded haircut with a trimmed beard.

  • If you have a noticeable bulge on your scalp, choose the fade haircut that works best for you.

  • The bald haircut works best with shorter hair on top.

  • Opt for a temporary haircut if you have curly hair.

  • For thicker hair, you can use a pomade or cream to keep it looking nice.

  • Use clay if you have fine hair to create a textured look.

  • Visit a hairdresser in your area regularly to get this stylish look.

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Faded haircut mistakes to avoid

With many hairstyles that are in fashion today, the decision to cut your hair can be a bit difficult. You might go for a certain type of faded haircut and end up feeling worse about it.

But what are the most common haircut mistakes to avoid? Find out below.

1. Wrong hairstyle

Catwalks, music videos, and movies highlight men with different hairstyles that they think suit them. Admit it, there are hairstyles that look good on other men that just don't work for you. Don't be hard on yourself, be honest. Consult a professional hairstylist who will help you decide on the right fade that suits your face shape and structure.

2. Exaggerated style

Men love investing in hair products to keep them looking their best. Unfortunately, overuse of styling products does more harm than good. You don't need to overdo it. Always choose products that match the thickness and style of your bleached hair.

3. Exaggerate on the sides

Dealing with sideburns can be difficult. The ideal sideburn length depends on what suits your style. Consult with your barber to avoid confusion and get to your desired hairstyle.

4. Go to an inexperienced barber

It can be traumatic and frustrating to leave a hair salon with a bad haircut. You don't have to settle for less. Always look for barbershops and barbershops that have a well-known reputation for creating your desired hairstyle.

5. Do-it-yourself hair coloring

If you are tired of this aging effect on your hair or want a fancy change, coloring your faded haircut alone does not guarantee that you will get a good result. There is a right way to dye your hair and it must be done with the help of an expert.

6. Not holding your fade

Typically, a fading haircut lasts only 3-5 days due to rapid hair growth. Too much hair will distort your hairstyle. You don't have to go to the hairdresser often to take care of your hair. With a razor, you can easily trim the sides where the hair grows: the neck, eyebrows, and near the eyes. You can always ask a trusted friend for help if you don't feel confident enough.

Remember that you can only do this hair salon at home as an alternative when you are too busy to go to the hairdresser. To get a clean, even haircut, it's best to let a professional do the job.

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7. Excessive washing of hair

Over washing is a common mistake you may make with your hair. Cheaper shampoos often contain harsh chemicals that strip the hair of its natural oils. Most experts recommend shampooing your hair at least once or twice a week. Also, invest in a quality shampoo and conditioner that works best for your hairstyle.

Now that you know all the different types of haircuts, the next thing you need to focus on is finding an expert to work on your hair. If you're in Utah, you don't need to google "best haircut near me" or "best barber near me." You can just drop byRoyal Barber Company.and check out the different types of haircuts they offer.

You can also make an appointment on their website. Their barbers are highly qualified and you can rest assured that you will achieve the most satisfying result you have ever dreamed of.


What do I tell the barber for a fade? ›

A common way of asking for a fade is to specify what clipper guard your barber should be using at the end of the fade. So a #1 fade will terminate in hair that's ¼ of an inch. In this case the fade tapers all the way down to the skin and is usually finished with a razor blade by your barber.

Where can I cut a fade? ›

The fade haircut is a popular, flattering style where the hair is cut short near the temples and neck and gradually gets longer near the top of the head. Depending on the hair and personal style, fades can be high and trimmed or start lower and blend into the neckline.

How much is a fade usually? ›

Fade: $30 to $40. Color treatment: $35 to $80.

What number is a fade? ›

The fade will normally be worn quite high in a mid to high fade and will commonly be seen with an ultra short skin or #0 fade on the back and sides, with anywhere from a #1 to a #5 on top.

How should I ask for a fade? ›

Tell the barber how short you want your hair to be.

If you have this information, let them know. Otherwise, just explain how short you want your hair to be on the sides, back, and top. For a very short fade, ask them for a 1 or 2 sized clippers. If you want to keep your hair a bit longer, ask for a number 4-5.

What is a 0 fade vs skin fade? ›

Zero Fade Vs Skin Fade: What's The Difference? A zero fade is a taper fade that leaves some remaining hair near the base of the neck, whereas a skin fade is a zero-grade cut that is shorter at the bottom, revealing more of the scalp.

How much do you tip for a fade? ›

Generally speaking, for good service, you should tip 15 to 20 percent of the entire bill. Tip more for exceptional service or less for what you consider to be inadequate service. Tipping is your way of saying “job well done,” so tip more if the person performing the service has gone above and beyond what is expected.

How long does a fade last? ›

A 1 fade can last anywhere from three to five weeks.

Is hitting a fade good? ›

Even though you might not realize it, hitting a fade, or cut shot has plenty of advantages for a right-handed golfer. A subtle left to right shot of only a few degrees is a very reliable and trustworthy shot. First, a fade is much more reliable since you don't need as much wrist action and timing in the swing.

What is a normal fade called? ›

A fade haircut is a cutting technique that tapers the hair so it eventually “fades” into the skin. Generally, this involves keeping it longer on top and gradually shaving closer down the sides and back. This hairstyle is also called the “military reg”, as it mimics the traditional cut given to men in the service.

What is a fade vs taper? ›

A fade, like a taper, is all about taking hair from long to short in a stylish way. Unlike a taper, though, a fade can be dramatic, abrupt, and super short. Tapers are all about a natural decrease in length for a more conservative look–a fade can just disappear before it reaches the natural hairline.

What is a 2 block fade? ›

What Is A Two Block Haircut? It's a men's haircut that features very short, thin, or shaved sides and lower back of the hair accompanied by a longer top. You can say it's an improved version of the undercut.

What is the most common fade? ›

While there are quite a few variations of the fade, the most popular styles include the razor fade, skin/bald fade, temple, burst, drop, flat-top and high top fades. Each style provides different possibilities, and gives your hair a look unique to that style.

What is a high fade vs mid fade? ›

A high fade transitions from thick to sparse (or bald) at a faster pace than a low fade, while a medium fade finds a happy balance between the two. The result of a fade is a faux hairline on the sides and the back of the head.

Should I get a fade or taper? ›

If you're looking for a safer, inoffensive cut then taper is more likely to be the one. Whereas if you're looking for something with a little more edge and bravado, consider a fade.

What is zero fade haircut? ›

It does allow your hair line to remain tidier for longer, adding a longer life to your haircut. Shorter than that is a half fade. Yes we have clipper guards that are half lengths. Next is a real fade, a zero. A zero fade still leaves hair about 0.4mm long, thing 5 o'clock shadow.

What length fade should I get? ›

Classic Fade Haircut

The cut is usually faded at a length of 3-4 inches above the hairline. It fades at every level at a ½ inch thick from the parietal ridge. To maintain the style, damping the hair with wax may be necessary.

Is low fade attractive? ›

The low fade is popular partly because it's so versatile. Nearly anyone with any hair type or texture can pull it off. Why do women find it attractive? It's stylish but understated, with a subtle edge that women especially appreciate.

What is a low 1 fade? ›

So, what is a low fade haircut? Well, low fade is an elegant haircut with a short back and sides. Your hair length gradually becomes shorter on the sides and the fade effect continues around your head.

Is a $5 dollar tip good for haircut? ›

Using 20% as a tipping baseline, here's what you'd expect to pay for the tip: $20 haircut - $4 tip. $25 haircut - $5 tip. $30 haircut - $6 tip.

Is it rude not to tip a barber? ›

Here's something else you may not know: tip etiquette mandates that you always leave a gratuity at the salon. But is it bad to not tip your hairdresser? It's considered poor etiquette not to tip service providers, and going to the salon is no different. We recommend always leaving 10%–20%.

How much do you tip for a $40 haircut? ›

Remember the golden rule: "You should tip 20 percent on the entire service cost, not per individual," says Schweitzer. So if your haircut and blow-dry cost $40 total, and your color was $60, your total service cost comes to $100. That means you should tip $20 divided between the colorist and stylist.

What fade is best for round face? ›

Spiky quiff is a suitable hairstyle for men with round faces. Also, you can prefer a mid fade for the sides. Skin fade and taper fade may be also combined with the quiff. This hairstyle has tapered sides.

Is a taper fade and a fade the same? ›

Taper: "Reduce in thickness toward one end." It's easy to confuse tapers with fades, so we'll make it easy for you. A taper is when hair gradually changes from one length to another. A fade is a shorter taper that blends or fades into the skin (hence the name).

What a taper fade look like? ›

A taper fade haircut is a hairstyle with short hair to the side and back of the head that gradually grow as you move up. At its shortest, the taper fade is close to the skin. There are many different types of fades with taper, broken down into three broad categories: a low fade, a mid fade, and a high fade.

What do I need to know before getting a fade? ›

Although it's short, a fade is actually a pretty high-maintenance style in terms of how often you'll need to visit the barber. It'll grow out quickly, and frequent touch-ups will be needed to keep it looking its best. If you're looking for something that's cheap and easy to manage, it may not be the right option.

When should I get a fade haircut? ›

Skin Fade or a Short Clipper Cut

We advise visiting your barber every 1-2 weeks to get this cut. If you have a short grade on top e.g. a grade 1,2,3 – again every 1-2 weeks will keep it looking clean.

Can you maintain a fade? ›

Don't be afraid to maintain your fade haircut at home.

“Whether it's a low fade, bald fade or burst fade, a fade hairstyle really only looks fresh for about three days before hair growth starts to get noticeable. Use a razor, a regular one like a Gillette Mach 3 or whatever you shave with, to just kind of touch it up.

Does a fade look good on everyone? ›

Today, the skin fade remains an extremely popular haircut and is highly requested in barbershops all around the world. A precise skin fade is flattering, suits almost everyone and can immediately elevate your client's look to one that is stylish, sharp and well-groomed.

What grade is a fade? ›

Fade is the word used to describe the seamless transition between shorter and slightly longer lengths of hair at the back and the sides of the head. In a regular fade, this might be from a grade two up to a grade five. However, in a bald fade, the hair will go right down to skin level.

Why does a fade make you look better? ›

“A great look for someone who needs a smarter haircut and wants it to look slightly more natural.” Also, because the taper fade lacks any significant scalp exposure, it can be used as the basis for several different styles up top from a neat scissor crop to longer, more dramatic styles.

What is a hairline fade called? ›

“A drop fade is similar to a regular fade haircut, but it gradually lowers at the back of the head and around the front hairline,” says Katie Conlon, stylist at Topman's resident barber, Johnny's Chop Shop.

Is it called a taper fade? ›

A fade is a taper that gradually takes the hair down to the skin, so that it looks like the hairline on the sides and back of your head “fades” away before it reaches the natural hairline. Basically, a fade is a really short taper. Hence, all fades are tapers, but not all tapers are fades.

What skin types fade? ›

The skin fade is a type of haircut that tapers on the sides and back, blending short faded hair into the skin. Generally, a skin fade haircut starts with longer hair on top of the head, and then gradually becomes shorter down the sides and back, towards the neck.

What is a burst fade? ›

A burst fade is cut in a semicircle shape above the ear, it drops down behind the ear where it ends, it does not continue along the nape of the neck like a low or mid fade does. Burst Taper Fade. Much like the taper fade mentioned above however the fade at the temple is cut in a semicircle shape or 'burst'.

How do you ask for a low fade? ›

“When asking for this cut, simply request a low fade on the sides with a slick back on top,” says Shanahan. Because 'slick back' may mean different things to different barbers, it's worth taking a photo along with you, just to make sure the person wielding the scissors knows precisely what you want.

What is a tight fade? ›

The high and tight fade, or simply “high fade” is a type of fade that creates a strong, bold contrast between the back and sides of the head and the top. Unlike the skin fade haircut where the sides and back are gradually clipped, with a high fade you shave them completely.

Which haircut would suit me? ›

If your face shape is round, go for a long bob with a center part to break up the roundness and elongate the face shape. Try to avoid haircuts that hug the face, as these will only accentuate the roundness. Another option, is to go for a long side swept bang or an asymmetric cut. This also breaks up the round shape.

Is there a low fade? ›

Like all fade haircuts, low fades gradually shift from one length to the next. It tapers just above the ear and transitions through the hairline for the right amount of edge. Since this cut has low sides, it's perfect for those who like to make their longer length the star of their look.

What to ask for at a barbershop? ›

What Every Guy Should Tell His Barber When Getting His Haircut
  • Tell your barber how long it has been since your most recent haircut. ...
  • Tell your barber about your lifestyle. ...
  • Be specific about how you want your hair to look. ...
  • Bring a picture (but only of your hair)

What is a taper vs taper fade? ›

A fade, like a taper, is all about taking hair from long to short in a stylish way. Unlike a taper, though, a fade can be dramatic, abrupt, and super short. Tapers are all about a natural decrease in length for a more conservative look–a fade can just disappear before it reaches the natural hairline.

What should I ask my barber for a taper fade? ›

Taper Fade & Short Braids

“To create a clean-cut taper fade, you will need to ask your barber for a grade one cut on the back, fading up to grade two and three. Make sure you keep your hair long on top long to ensure you can create the short dreads that are key to this style.”

What size should a fade be? ›

Pick a higher guard number to start with like a #3. You can use a higher number to get an even shave around the sides and back of the head as a baseline. To get the fade look you will switch to shorter guards as you move down. But by starting with the larger guard size you can easily get an even fade.

What type of fade should I get? ›

Opt for a high fade, a medium fade, or a low fade, with each offering its own look. In essence, the lower the fade, the more coverage you're left with. So, while a high fade leaves you with a mop-top and little else, a low fade will taper subtly down your head, with the absolute shortest cut just around your ears.

What is better high or low fade? ›

"High fade has more volume and length while low fade is shorter and requires less maintenance daily," explains Biggs. Another huge difference between a low and a high fade is how much length can be kept on top with each style. Since low fade hair is shorter, it involves more frequent visits to the barber.


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